Luke Dupont is a New York based Designer focusing on interfaces, product, and brand development.

Currently he is building a powerful digital publishing tool called Proof with four of his best friends at Marquee.

Selected Work –

First Round Review

Bringing a fresh design, custom social integrations, and expanded storytelling capabilities to one of the most influential voices in venture capital and technology.

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Proof combines an intuitive editorial suite, fully customizable CMS, and powerful product framework for delivering thriving, sustainable content across the web.

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Wilson Quarterly

After 60 years in print, Marquee took one of the world's most respected international think-tanks fully digital.

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International Watch

Marquee relaunched a multi-platform digital strategy that matches the craftsmanship and precision of the timepieces it covers.

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Identity Design

A collection of identity and brand work done over the past 10 years.

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